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Give yourself permission. Step away from the pressure to "just be something" into a space where you can "just be."  We’ll guide the way!

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Energy Equinox was founded in Atlanta, GA in 2010 and relocated to Charlotte, NC in 2015.  We specialize in teaching people how to quiet the mind, restore personal energy, and regain a happy, healthy work/life balance. We also have corporate programs that help employees reduce stress and companies reduce operational expenses.  

Our classes and sessions are in public, private, corporate, and governmental settings.  Our services include meditation, qigong, Reiki, Radical Forgiveness, breathwork, aromatherapy, crystal therapy, angel therapy, visualizations and affirmations, ecstatic dance, spiritual cinema, motivational presentations and more.


About our CEG  (chief energy guide)

In 2010, Alixa Jordan founded Energy Equinox in Atlanta, GA.  As our Chief Energy Guide (CEG), Alixa is committed to helping people learn how to reduce stress, improve a work/life balance, quiet the mind, and live to their fullest positive potential.  She is also dedicated to helping companies develop happy, healthy workforces that yield stronger teams, higher quality work, and increased productivity.

Alixa has worked with qi throughout her life.  She is a lifetime member of the National Qigong Association, received her first qigong instructor certification at the GA World Congress Center, completed a Shinpiden-level Reiki certification in 2009 in Southern California, and has been a certified Radical Forgiveness coach since 1998.

1200 East Morehead Street, Ste. 190, Charlotte, NC 28204

PHONE:           980-999-1188