In this Universe, everything is composed of and connected to a single basic substance. That substance is energy. We know that the
highest form of energy is life, and Reiki is life energy. To be precise, the word “Reiki” is Japanese for spiritually-guided life energy.

In order to understand the role Reiki plays in physical healing, we must first accept that life energy is what animates all living things. This
energy may be invisible and elusive, but it is undoubtedly all encompassing. Since life energy cannot be humanly created, it must
originate from another source. This is the foundation of Reiki--spiritually guided life energy. Subtle, yet distinct and powerful.

Reiki energy is directed from a divine Universal Source through a practitioner’s hands to a recipient. Among many positive results, it
promotes physical healing, stress reduction, and deep relaxation. You can learn to do Reiki for yourself, pets, and loved ones anytime,
anywhere; or, you can schedule Reiki sessions with us.

The future of energy medicine has arrived and reputable studies are revealing promising results. For example, the National Health Interview
Survey showed approximately 1.2 million adults and 161,000 children received one or more energy healing sessions in 2006. Also, the
American Hospital Association reported that more than 800 American hospitals offered Reiki as part of their hospital services in 2007!. 


Meditation is simply training the mind to open your awareness and narrow your focus.  The result is a calm, peaceful, and relaxed state.  When quieting the mind through meditation, one can connect with the Source of consciousness and transcend human experiences like stress, disease, and disassociation.   The physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits of regular meditation include less worry, anxiety, stress, and fear; increased mental strength and focus, enhanced self esteem and self acceptance; increased memory and recall; improved immune system and energy level; reduced blood pressure; improved heart rate; lessens asthma; and many more.

History has documented meditation as early as 1500 BCE!  Today there are hundreds (if not thousands) of forms of meditation.  Some of the most common in the West include Mindfulness, Guided Imagry, Transcendental Meditation (aka TM), Loving Kindness, Vipassana, Qigong, Yoga, Buddhist, and Taoist.  Energy Equinox teaches Qigong, Mindfulness, Guided Imagry, and Breathwork meditations. The meditation forms we teach include guided imagery, qigong, walking, body awareness, visualizations and affirmations, mindfulness meditation techniques, and meditating with a mantra. 

Our primary focus when teaching breathwork is to educate t healthy breathing and

physically shifting the body from a fight or flight mode into a rest and recover state.  Some of the different techniques we teach vary from calming to invigorating. 

For more information, there’s plenty of research published on the Web (including a thorough Wikipedia article here).

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Radical Forgiveness is a radically different way of healing from experiences that most people perceive as "wrongdoings." The technique gently teaches how re-frame any circumstance, shift from victimhood to empowerment, and see the perfection in all the imperfection.  As a result, you will finally overcome painful experiences and be able to feel (rather than temporarily grant) genuine forgiveness.

Note:  This is a universal spiritual teaching that does not interfere with religious beliefs.  But in order for this technique to be effective, you must at least believe in some sort of Higher Power/Spiritual Intelligence.  You must also be willing to look at the situation in a radically different way.


Rife technology is a safe, effective, and non-invasive treatment for pet illness and injury. 

A Rife machine (similar to TENS machines that doctors use today to treat people for pain) uses specific frequencies to target and eliminate pathogens. Rife technology has been studied and proven to treat hundreds of pet-related illnesses without the need for medication, anesthesia, or restraint. 

Examples of conditions/pathogens a Rife machine can treat/eliminate include:

•    Parasites (including Giardia and Heartworms),
•    Canine Parvovirus and Distemper,
•    UTIs,
•    e-coli,
•    Conjunctivitis,
•    Thrush, Colic, and more!

Energy Equinox helps veterinarian doctors use our plasma Rife machine to treat and heal their patients.  Once a doctor diagnoses a condition through alopathic means (exams, lab tests, etc.) and prescribes a treatment, Energy Equinox helps them research the proper frequencies, operate the machine, and observe their patients during treatment. 

Rife frequencies are delivered into pets via plasma light.  This makes it an ideal form of treatment for all pets, especially those that are restless or difficult to medicate like cats, aggressive dogs, and exotics because the pet just needs to be within the plasma e-field (i.e. an exam room).  No sedation or restraint is necessary and most pets do not seem to even know they are being treated.  The only side effect known is a Herkimer effect, whereby the patient might feel fluish from the body trying to expel toxins from the disabled pathogens.

If you are a veterinarian offering holistic alternatives and would like to learn more about offering Rife treatments as an additional alternative to your portfolio, please contact us.  Together, we will offer your clients a holistic, safe, and gentle alternative form of treatment for their pets.

 For the history of Dr. Rife and his brilliant work, please see Dr. Rife's Biography.


Quiet the Mind


Angel Therapy          Frequency  Therapy          Meditation & Breathwork          Qigong          Radical Forgiveness          Reiki


In America, qigong is often referred to as "standing yoga."  It is a form of physical and mental discipline that predates over 5000 years ago! While Tai Chi is a martial arts version of qigong that emphasizes strength through yielding, Qigong is simply the art of harnessing "qi." The words “qi” and “chi” are synonymous and mean personal life energy. 

Qigong is perfect for the physically fit as well as the physically challenged because the routines may be practiced sitting, standing, or lying.   They are also nondiscriminatory and not associated with any specific religious ideology.  Therefore, they easily accommodate all ages and lifestyles.  Most students do not require a change of clothing (any type of loose and comfortable clothing may be worn) and showers are generally not needed.

The forms of qigong we teach involve gentle energy balancing routines that help people reduce stress, increase energy, and accelerate healing without needing to express Olympic-style flexibility or get into embarrassing poses.  The primary focus of each class will teach you how to de-stress, quiet the mind, and improve your mental/emotional wellbeing.  

All forms of qigong emphasize correct posture, proper breathing, and focused intention often through the coordination of intense visualizations or gentle, rhythmic, meditative movements. When practice regularly, you will learn how the mind naturally balances the body. 
So, we encourage you to simply get your mind there...your body will follow.


It is widely believed that Angels are spiritual beings acting as attendants or messengers for God.  They communicate with humans through a kind of telepathy/prayer to answer questions and provide guidance.

In the hierarchy of angels there are 12 Archangels, all of which report to Archangel Michael (the “commander-in-chief” of the Archangels).  Each Archangel is given a specific focus/responsibility for helping humans on Earth.  Archangel Michael is tasked with protection, courage, strength, truth and integrity.  (He also protects us physically, emotionally and psychically.)

Energy Equinox communicates messages from Archangel Michael through Doreen Virtue's Archangel Michael tarot cards.  We will help you ask any questions that need Divine guidance to unveil the true answer.